The amazing picture featured above was drawn by the wonderful and talented Carolyn Paplham. Go check out her website, take a look at her Tumblr, or like her on Facebook so you can see all the awesome work she does!

Hello there. My name is Chris Amann. Before you ask, let me guess: “What is a scop?” Well, “Scop” is the Old English word for what we’d call a bard. They were professional poets who composed and performed vocal poetry for their lord and their lord’s people. I call myself this not because I compose and perform vocal poetry for a benefactor (I just do it for fun), but because I love Old English literature, want to study it on the graduate level (eventually), and I like to read my compositions to people instead of them reading them silently to themselves. Failing to achieve that, because I couldn’t sit in my professors’ offices and read my papers to them, I’ve developed a style that reads like I’m talking to you. I have a slightly more formal version I use for scholarly essays and then the more relaxed style I use for informal essays and general writing. I have an entirely different (and still developing) style I use for my regular fiction, but this blog won’t have more than snippets of that.

Now that I’ve answered what was likely your first question, I’ll answer what is likely the next most-pressing concern on your mind: “Who is Chris Amann and why does he have a blog?” Well, I’m currently 23, graduated as a part of the class of ’13 from St. Norbert Wisconsin just outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin with a Bachelor of the Arts in English Literature with a creative writing emphasis. I did a lot of work in technical theater during college and immediately afterward. Now, I am a software tester at a healthcare software company. In my down time, I like to read, play video games, listen to music, watch TV shows my friends tell me about, and play Minecraft. I say minecraft specifically, even though it could be lumped into “video games” because I have a severe addiction. I play way more than is probably good for me considering all the other stuff I like/want to do. When I’m not testing software (“saving lives” as they like to tell us so we feel good about ourselves) or experiencing down time, I’m writing. I’d love nothing more in this world than to be a professional writer who can pay the bills with money I’ve earned from my books and stories. There are plenty of professional writers who can’t do that, and I very well might end up one of them, but I’m staying hopeful and shooting for the stars!

To move on to the second half of the question, the reason I have a blog is because I’m not very good at sticking to a writing schedule for any of my various and sundry books/projects/ideas, but I need to keep writing every day to stay in writing shape. This blog will contain, primarily, meandering thought-experiments based on ideas I had during my day or things in the world that caught my interest. I’m going to try to keep this entertaining, but I can make no promises. I’ll probably wind up sharing a fair deal of my life on here, at leas the day-to-day stuff, but I’m going to do my best to avoid making this a space where I go to whine about how much my life sucks. If it is not one of these meandering articles of dubious amounts of entertainment, then it will be pieces of flash fiction I’ve written instead of my 20-minute writing exercises.

I’ll occasionally upload other things like pictures, little bits of fiction, poems, and the like, but they’ll be the exception rather than the rule. I might post art I’ve commissioned from  my artist friends or works by my friends, but I will always contain a link to their website or something so you can go marvel at their talent the same way I do. Also, if you’d like me to promote something, send me some links and I’ll look it over. I can’t promise to promote everything, but know that if I promote it, I really like it.

If you want to contact me, you can send me an email at literarywizardlv20@gmail.com or tweet me? Tweet at me? I’m not sure what the proper phrase is, but you can contact me there. My twitter handle is Literary_Wizard. Sense a theme?

If you have any further questions, send them along to my email address and I’ll probably send back a reply. Or leave a comment! I reply to those too! I’m pretty open about most things, so ask away. If enough people ask a given question, I’ll post it here and credit the first person who asked me along with providing the answer.

Well, that’s about everything I can think of that should go on a “Home/About”  page, so have a pleasant day and enjoy your reading!

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