Our intrepid author lifts up his laptop computer, takes a deep breath, and blows on the screen, sending pixels scattering from the image of his blow in a hurricane of simulated dust. After wiping away the actually dust and flecks of spit that landed on the screen, our long-absent author seats himself and cracks his knuckles unenthusiastically. Unsure of where to begin, he ponders the empty page for a few moments before beginning what would turn out to be a meta-description of his process.

I’ve decided to bring my blog back to life. And start using my twitter. I’m getting pretty bored these days, what with my life of going for runs, eating diet food, and writing my book on endless repeat. As such, I’ve decided to start narrating my life through social media. Mostly just to see what happens. I’m kind of curious, actually, to see what kind of audience there might be for stuff like this,

Hopefully I wont bore any of you too much. Should I wind up boring myself, I’ll probably just disappear again, staying away until I come up with some other use for this website. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy what is likely going to be a slice-of-life sort of thing between my blog and my twitter (@Literary_Wizard). Check it out. It’ll be fun or something.