Book Reviews

This page will contain a list of all of my book reviews sorted by the title of each book or series and then containing links to each of the parts of that review. Some reviews will contain many parts and some will contain only one part. The format will, nevertheless, stay the same for all of them. Chances are that, if it has more than one part, its either a very deep review or its about a series of books rather than an individual book. I hope to do one of these every week or two, but the gap between reviews could be bigger if I’m working on a series.

I will post the books I’ll be reading and reviewing before hand on this page, so make sure to check back regularly to see if I’m working on a new book!

Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn Trilogy

Part 1 of 4: Mistborn

Part 2 of 4: The Well of Ascension

Part 3 of 4: The Hero of Ages

Part 4 of 4: The Mechanics And Minutiae


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