Flash Fiction

On this page, I will keep a record of all of the Flash Fiction that I posted to my blog, along with a quick word count in parentheses and date-posted next to each title. Pieces will be arranged by date, oldest at the bottom, newest at the top. Each piece will also contain the prompt and word limit.

If you have an idea for a Flash Fiction prompt, feel free to email it to me (literarywizardlv20@gmail.com). Please make sure to send me a prompt AND a word count. I need both for this to work. I select it I’ll include your name and a link to your blog/website/whatever in the post.

I Didn’t Know French Revolutionaries Used Cell Phones (147) 10/31/13

I Didn’t Know There Were So Many Cell Phones on the Barricade in the French Revolution (147) 07/13/13

An Incident in the History Classroom (243) 06/04/13

Break Up (248) 06/03/13

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