This page will contain all of my poetry. Everything will be arranged within by date with the older ones at the bottom and the newer ones at the top. I am an amateur poet at best. I may do some things well, but I never studied poetry beyond analysis. I’m not making excuses for my poetry. I only put the best of it up here. I’m just letting you know not to expect masterpieces.

Something to Hold Onto (01/25/14)

Winter Fire (01/18/14)

Fire and Peace (01/11/14)

Lost for Words (12/09/13)

Darkness (11/12/13)

Cellular (11/02/13)

Who Am I? (10/23/13)

Age 22 (10/01/13)

Rain and Damp (09/09/13)

Happy Little Pills (08/30/13)

Road Into Oblivion (08/29/13)

Hopelessly Hopeful (06/08/13)

Hope (06/08/13)

Tell Me A Story (06/06/13)

“A Visit From Inspiration” or “Twas The Night Before Writer’s Day” (06/06/13)

Addicted to Minecraft (06/05/13)

Bridge to Nowhere (06/05/13)

Majestic Weather (06/04/13)

Apocalypse Now? (06/03/13)

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